NSTA Engage: Spring21

May 12-8, 2021

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Building the Foundations for an Equitable and Inclusive STEM Program

Saturday, May 8 • 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

STRAND: Supporting Equity in the Science Classroom

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This session will provide a framework for how to develop a STEM program. The presentation will include an example of a STEM strategic plan that promotes equity and inclusion.

Session participants will learn: 1. a process for developing STEM curricula and programming; 2. how to begin to address equity issues; and 3. methods for including student voice and agency into a STEM program.

Carol Larson (Indiana Connections Academy: Oak Lawn, IN), Naomi Nelson (Christel House Academy: Indianapolis, IN)

NSTA-WIDA Session: Creating Equitable Science Instruction for Multilingual Learners

Saturday, May 8 • 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM

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MSM Design Principles
presentation slides

STRAND: Supporting Equity in the Science Classroom

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This session will utilize the design principles for engaging multilingual learners in 3-D science to create engaging and equitable learning experiences for ALL students, but especially MLLs.

1. Examine a set of principles co-developed by NSTA and WIDA and discuss how these "show up" in classroom; 2. Explore ways to help a linguistically diverse group of students engage together in sensemaking discourse; 3. Explore the role of modeling as a sensemaking support in linguistically diverse classrooms; 4. Learn about WIDA’s four Language Practices to authentically engage ALL students in using language for sensemaking; and 5. Learn how the Teacher Discourse Moves and Student Discourse Moves facilitate the exploration and transformation of science understanding.

David Crowther (University of Nevada, Reno: Reno, NV), Rita MacDonald (Wisconsin Center for Education Research: Madison, WI)

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