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Friday, July 22
11:50 AM - 12:50 PM
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Photovoltaic Array Use in Earth Science Classes

McCormick Place - Exhibit Hall, Poster Session Area, Table 3

Teacher describes installation of two solar arrays, and how students use the arrays to investigate alternative energy and effect of array angle on electricity production.

Takeaways: Solar arrays allow students to interact with a real world technology changing sunlight into usable electricity. Two solar arrays that tilt independently allow students to evaluate data from a controlled experiment. Solar energy is part of response our society needs to respond to the challenge of global warming and our need for energy.


Bruce Rose (Greenbrier East High School: Lewisburg, WV)

Presenter Materials for this Session:
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GEHS Solar Website
This is a website with teaching materials related to two solar arrays installed at Greenbrier East High School to aid in teaching Earth Science classes.

Friday, July 22
11:50 AM - 12:50 PM
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Rise of the Mutant Weed: Using DNA Analysis Tools to Identify Mutations that create Superweeds.

McCormick Place - Exhibit Hall, Poster Session Area, Table 9

This workshop demystifies bioinformatics using free online tools. The activity explains the mechanisms behind herbicide resistance and genetic changes that help weeds avoid chemical control.

Takeaways: Participants will see a real-world example of artificial selection in action, while also increasing the awareness of free bioinformatics tools available for everyone to compare and analyze DNA sequences.


Jane Hunt (Education Projects, LLC: Columbus, OH), Zack Bateson (National Agricultural Genotyping Center: Fargo, ND)