2022 Chicago National Conference

July 21-23, 2022

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Equitable and Authentic Assessments: Success of Collaborative Lab Practicums in the Middle or High School Science Classroom

Thursday, July 21 • 2:20 PM - 3:20 PM

McCormick Place - W181c

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STRAND: Promoting Effective Assessments in the Science and STEM Classroom

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Applying principles of Understanding By Design and Visible Thinking, learn how to design and implement authentic and equitable assessments in any middle school or high school science classroom.

Participants will walk away with easy-to-implement, real-world examples of collaborative lab practicums.

Aruna Chavali (The Spence School: New York, NY), Laura Bader (The Spence School: New York, NY)

Asking the Students: Creating and Implementing a Metacognitive Data Tracker for Assessments

Saturday, July 23 • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

McCormick Place - W179a

STRAND: Promoting Effective Assessments in the Science and STEM Classroom

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Data meetings are as much of a reality to K–12 teachers and students as high-stakes testing. In this session we will share a data tool, as well as the surprising results we have collected so far, to help teachers in understanding students' struggles by asking the students directly what aspect of the assessment they struggled with the most. Our findings are serving students and teachers by improving Tier 1 instruction planning and delivery as well as leading to a much richer and in-depth conversation during data meetings.

Teachers will be given the knowledge and tools to implement our Metacognitive Data Tracker in order to improve Tier 1 instruction.

Rocco Williams (Fort Worth ISD: Fort Worth, TX)

Designing and Using Three-Dimensional Assessment in the Classroom

Saturday, July 23 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

McCormick Place - Skyline W375b

STRAND: Promoting Effective Assessments in the Science and STEM Classroom

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This session focuses on practical application of three-dimensional assessment to evaluate student learning.

Participants will gain a stronger understanding of how to use three-dimensional assessments to evaluate student learning.

Kristin Rademaker (NSTA: Arlington, VA), Bridina Lemmer (Illinois Science Teaching Association: Jacksonville, IL)

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