2022 Chicago National Conference

July 21-23, 2022

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Geometric String Art: Something for Everyone!

Thursday, July 21 • 2:20 PM - 3:20 PM

McCormick Place - W180

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Geometric String Art.pdf

STRAND: Strategies for Creating Inclusive Science and STEM Learning Environments

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During this session, I will provide participants with black card stock, needles, string, graph paper and tape. We will start by creating the artwork as this will fuel the discussion later. I will walk participants through the steps using a guided slideshow with pictures. They will be given multiple options and allowed to experiment with their selections. I will give them time to work at their tables to create their art and walk around to help. The discussion portion will happen after the art creation. I will ask the groups to share their art with their table. The valuable portion of the session is when we will brainstorm the modifications that can be done to help all students access this activity. I will ask groups to discuss and share out as I create a list. I will add any modifications not already mentioned. Next, I would like the groups to discuss how this can be used in their classes, including the modifications they would need to suit their students. As a take away, participants will have a note taking sheet, access to the slideshow (includes examples and instructions), list of supplies needed and where to purchase, their beautiful artwork, and valuable discussions.

In addition to the art work, participants will leave with ideas, templates and modifications for a variety of students.

Terri Serey (Orange Grove Middle School: Hacienda Heights, CA)

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