2022 Chicago National Conference

July 21-23, 2022

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Engineering for Us All: Exploring the "Why," "What," and "Who" of Engineering

Thursday, July 21 • 9:40 AM - 10:40 AM

McCormick Place - W194a

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Baseball card lesson
Baseball card lesson (complete)
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Playpump lesson
Product archaeology lesson
Robot arm lesson (with materials list)
Shoe sole sketch and design lesson
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STRAND: Using Inquiry-Based STEM to Facilitate Learning for ALL

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“You’re good at math; be an engineer.” Isn’t there more to it? Who is an engineer? Engineering helps society by solving problems. Let’s explore “why.”

Learn that engineering is more than math + science and take away classroom activities addressing engineering identity, ethics, and society (not your typical engineering activities).

Ken Reid (University of Indianapolis: Indianapolis, IN)

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