2023 Atlanta National Conference

March 22-25, 2023

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The Tapwater Tour - Tapping into the Phenomena of Drinking Water

Thursday, March 23 • 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Georgia World Congress Center - A313

STRAND: No Strand

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Sponsoring Company: LaMotte Company

Water is the single most valuable resource essential for life on Earth, yet is subject to increasing scarcity, pollutants, and overuse. The Tapwater Tour curriculum make the real-world connection between the phenomena explored in the lesson and actual hands-on laboratory activities.

Joseph Evans (Kent County High School: Worton, MD)

Working with Indigenous Learners and Communities– an Un-guidebook for Success

Thursday, March 23 • 2:20 PM - 3:20 PM

Georgia World Congress Center - B302

STRAND: Equity and Justice

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As education professionals seek to engage with Tribal entities to support Youth, they need resources to help ensure that they are stepping respectfully and intentionally. Learn about an Un-guidebook, supported by 100kin10, to help non-Native education professionals engage with Tribal entities.

After this session, STEM educators will know more about building relationship with indigenous communities, and how both formal/OST, educators can use the Un-guide to create the first steps of a relationship with Tribal entities in their community and better support Tribal learners, especially youth.

Kathy Hoppe (STEMisED, Inc: No City, No State), Melinda Higgins (U.S. Dept. of Energy - Fossil Energy & Carbon Management: Washington, DC)

Phenomenal Classroom Critters

Thursday, March 23 • 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM

Georgia World Congress Center - B208

STRAND: No Strand

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Sponsoring Company: Carolina Biological Supply Company

Add excitement to your class with live organisms! Discover fun, simple hands-on ways to explore evolution, adaptation, and behavior in your classroom with a variety of insects and arthropods. Learn about care and handling, as well as easy ways to integrate Organisms and Environments standards. Addit

Laurie Nixon (Chemistry Teacher: Boone, NC)

NOAA Workshop 1: NOAA's SOS Explorer: Adding to your Data Visualization Education Toolbox

Friday, March 24 • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Georgia World Congress Center - B209

STRAND: Technology and Media

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Sponsoring Company: NOAA

Learn to leverage freely available global data visualizations using the SOS Explorer mobile application.

Juan Pablo Hurtado Padilla (NOAA Office of Education: Silver Spring, MD), Eric Hackathorn (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory: Boulder, CO)

Exploring STEAM with Transformation

Friday, March 24 • 10:40 AM - 11:40 AM

Georgia World Congress Center - B202

STRAND: Teaching Strategies and Classroom Practice

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Sponsoring Company: Edvotek

Creating colorful bacteria with transformation is a memorable way to teach the central dogma of molecular biology. Take it a step further and have your students create art with the colorful cells! In this workshop, we’ll share tips for transformation success and create bio-art with microbial paint!

Drones and STEM Activities

Friday, March 24 • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Georgia World Congress Center - Exhibit Hall, Poster Session Aisle

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NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Blind Driving Course - Dot and Nancy.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Blind Flying with Chairs Activity - Kim and Jared.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Drone Ring Course Measurement Challenge-Bob and Terrell.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-DroneBlocks Intro to Coding_Problem-Solving Lesson for Tello Drone-Peggy and Rebecca.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Flying Through Polygons.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Slalom Race Course-James and Amy.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-Correlation to Standards.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-DM-Codes for UCAR Drone Activities - SCR and DB.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-revDM-DB and SCR Codes for Various Drone Activities.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-SP23 Workshop.pdf

STRAND: Technology and Media

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In a 4-day summer workshop, teachers learned to fly a drone, completed STEM-based activities, and wrote an original activity to be presented to high school students. A computer programming efficacy scale, administered at the beginning and end of the workshop, quantified change in efficacy.

The computer programming efficacy scale has five subscales. Survey results will be presented. Word clouds will summarize open-ended survey questions regarding comments for content that was learned, how activities can be used in an educational setting, and suggestions for workshop improvement.

Deborah McAllister (The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga: Chattanooga, TN)

Informal Science Education Share-a-thon

Saturday, March 25 • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Georgia World Congress Center - C204

STRAND: No Strand

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Come and engage in hands-on activities, collect resources, and network with Informal Science Educators from a variety of institutions. Discover exciting new ideas and materials that you can use right away.

Classroom teachers and informal science educators network to discover and engage in activities that will expand their knowledge and be usable in many aspects of their work.

Using Community Outreach to Increase STEM Access for Hispanic Students

Saturday, March 25 • 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Georgia World Congress Center - C210


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Hispanic students are being disproportionally left out of STEM opportunities due to many barriers. One avenue to bridge this disconnect is through community outreach and relationship building with both Hispanic students and families while incorporating STEM activities.

Participants will receive a template to begin building relationships with Hispanic students and families through community outreach events. This template will also include a scholarship list for undocumented/DACA students, a FAFSA guide, and an ideal student guide. All in Spanish and English.

Elesha Goodfriend (Walters State Community College: Morristown, TN), Kelly Moore (Walters State Community College: Morristown, TN)

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