2023 Atlanta National Conference

March 22-25, 2023

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Drones and STEM Activities

Friday, March 24 • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Georgia World Congress Center - Exhibit Hall, Poster Session Aisle

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NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Blind Driving Course - Dot and Nancy.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Blind Flying with Chairs Activity - Kim and Jared.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Drone Ring Course Measurement Challenge-Bob and Terrell.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-DroneBlocks Intro to Coding_Problem-Solving Lesson for Tello Drone-Peggy and Rebecca.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Flying Through Polygons.pdf
NSTA2023-Deborah McAllister-Slalom Race Course-James and Amy.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-Correlation to Standards.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-DM-Codes for UCAR Drone Activities - SCR and DB.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-revDM-DB and SCR Codes for Various Drone Activities.pdf
NSTA23-Deborah McAllister-SP23 Workshop.pdf

STRAND: Technology and Media

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In a 4-day summer workshop, teachers learned to fly a drone, completed STEM-based activities, and wrote an original activity to be presented to high school students. A computer programming efficacy scale, administered at the beginning and end of the workshop, quantified change in efficacy.

The computer programming efficacy scale has five subscales. Survey results will be presented. Word clouds will summarize open-ended survey questions regarding comments for content that was learned, how activities can be used in an educational setting, and suggestions for workshop improvement.

Deborah McAllister (The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga: Chattanooga, TN)


Friday, March 24 • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Georgia World Congress Center - Exhibit Hall, Poster Session Aisle

STRAND: Technology and Media

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"Bal Barot, Chemistry Professor, at Lake Michigan College for the last three decades, had turned into an author. He has published 150 fiction and a few non-fiction books on Amazon Kindle. He will present a poster about how he and other authors have used chemistry in their fiction novels."

To understand chemistry in fiction novels including evidence collection and testing; objectively think about evidence presentation and how this evidence could affect the outcome of a trial and have greater awareness of the serious responsibilities that when a chemist serves as a consultant.

Bal Barot (Lake Michigan College: Benton Harbor, MI)

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