2023 Kansas City National Conference

October 25-28, 2023

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Innovative school program and professional development models for integrating science & engineering practices, problem-based learning, and authentic STEM experiences

Friday, October 27 • 10:40 AM - 11:40 AM

Kansas City Convention Center - 2211

STRAND: Leadership and Advocacy

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This session provides insight for administrators, professional developers, curriculum coordinators, instructional coaches, higher education faculty, and teachers related to models of STEM instruction focused on SEPs at the K-8 level. Collaborative efforts between school leadership and university faculty have led to the development of STEM programming in two school districts in Southeast Missouri. Using and integrating the expertise of local STEM education professionals (university faculty specializing in STEM education), these school districts (one urban, one rural) designed and implemented very different STEM integration models. Attendees will learn about each model from those integral to the development process. Presenters will share elements of their strategic plans, including curricular structures, human capital/roles, resource/budget considerations, instructional components, and other sustainability aspects, such as environmental and political support and community partnerships.

Attendees will learn about STEM program development and STEM professional development models. STEM Education frameworks and a toolkit used as a foundation for strategic planning and sustainability will be shared and available for attendees.

Andi Maddox (Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Kennett, MO), Tyler Lappe (Instructional Coach: Cape Girardeau, MO), Trudy Giasi (Valle Catholic Schools: Ste. Genevieve, MO)

Transition to Green Energy is Powered by Earth Scientists and Engineers

Saturday, October 28 • 2:40 PM - 3:40 PM

Kansas City Convention Center - 2208

STRAND: Leadership and Advocacy

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Activity – Minerals needed to power an electric vehicle and where they are mined 1. Discussion on some of the critical minerals for the green economy & how/where they are mined and provide resources to teachers to assist them in presenting this information: • Jobs of Tomorrow Video Series (https://media.smenet.org) • Minerals Education Coalition website • Educational activities and MEC Mineral Baby (minerals needed in a lifetime) and MEC Minerals Needed Each Year graphics • USGS listing of where minerals are mined (USGS Commodities Summaries) 2. Discussion on the wide array of exciting work available in the minerals industry and related resources including: a. Minerals Education Coalition website free resources about careers, including handouts, activities, videos and PowerPoints, and b. MEC new career-themed activities and new publication of information about related careers. Careers to be discussed include: • Mining Engineer • Geological Engineer • Metallurgist • Geologist

Innovation, artificial intelligence, and technology are all modern mining and minerals industry hallmarks. One of the safest and most lucrative engineering careers today; mining professionals solve problems from project management to meeting mineral demands.

C. Dale Elifrits (Northern Kentucky University: Highland Heights, KY)

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