2023 Kansas City National Conference

October 25-28, 2023

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SC-2: Designing and Using Three-Dimensional Assessment Tasks to Support NGSS Instruction

Wednesday, October 25 • 8:15 AM - 3:30 PM

Kansas City Convention Center - 3501 B

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STRAND: Research to Practice

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This full day course will introduce and immerse participants in the Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA) design approach including unpacking dimensions, developing integrated dimension maps, articulating learning performances, identifying phenomena, and designing tasks.

Participants will learn the steps for designing 3-dimensional tasks that align with NGSS performance expectations, take into consideration students’ diverse backgrounds, and create their own tasks at the grade level and science topic of their choice.

Joseph Krajcik (CREATE for STEM Institute, Michigan State University: East Lansing, MI), Christopher Harris (WestEd)

SC-1: Case Studies: How to Write a Case Study

Saturday, October 28 • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Kansas City Convention Center - 2102 B

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How to Write a Case Study - Clicker Case TEMPLATE
How to Write a Case Study - Resources Website
This is the URL for the Resources Website that you will use throughout the workshop. It gives you access to all of the links, documents and templates, and resources you will need. It is on a Google site, so be sure your browser allows you to view it!
List of GenAI tools
Prompts for Interactive Role Play
Prompts for Intimate Debate

STRAND: Research to Practice

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Case studies are stories with an educational goal. Subject matter suddenly makes sense. Learn how to craft a case study to achieve your teaching objectives while providing students with a compelling story that is relevant and thought provoking. Bring your laptop – you will create 2 case studies.

Participants will learn how to write case studies that engage learners in context-rich problem solving, encourage critical thinking and communication skills, and can be used as authentic assessments. Learn how to transform an online video or news article into an engaging learning activity.

Annie Prud'homme-Généreux (University of British Columbia: No City, No State)

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