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Blue Print for a STEM Night

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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

We belong to a collaborative blog created by a fantastic group of Virginia teachers.Yesterday we published an article on the "Virginia is for Teachers" blog with ideas for setting up a STEM Family Night. We included a timeline and resources that would be helpful to those in charge of a STEM evening for families. We thought we should share a link here in case any of you are starting to plan an event for this year. Wendy and Cheryl

Jamie Wilder Jamie Wilder 1315 Points

I love the idea of a STEM night! I had not thought about that before, but then again, I am still a student teacher in college. I do not think the county I am hoping to teach in does this but it would be a great idea to start doing. I especially love how this will bring families into their children's learning even more and hopefully get the students even more excited about STEM. Thanks for the post and wonderful idea!

Melissa S. Melissa Strohl 315 Points

A school that I am currently at for a practicum as a part of my undergraduate teacher preparation program is getting ready to hold our school's STEM night this week.  It will be interesting to see how our night compares to what was shared in this blueprint!

Thursday night, my school will be hosting a STEM night. While I am nervous to present my students' work, I am also excited to see how it will play out. I think that this is a great way to showcase to parents what the students have been working on science wise.

Danielle Baker Danielle Baker 315 Points

This Thursday I will be hosting in a STEM night! I am so excited to see how everything goes and to talk to parents about what their child has been learning in science the past couple weeks. We are having the parents ask the students questions about the STEM final projects. I am excited and I cannot wait to see how it goes. 

Amanda Newton Amanda Newton 550 Points

I will be attending my first STEM night with my 5th graders for my practicum this semester. I am really hopeful that everything goes well and there is interest in learning about what we have been working on all semester. We have been building rib cage prototypes. I will have a list of questions for the parents to ask the students to generate conversation. I have never been to a "parent night" during practicum, so I am a little nervous of what to expect from the parents.

Shelby Brillon Shelby Brillon 805 Points

Thank you for this very in depth layout for stem family fun night! I hope to implement one when I become a teacher next year! how did you differentiate for the different learning levels and grades?

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