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Kayleen Zamora Kayleen Zamora 260 Points

As a parent, how do you go about getting your child help in science? What steps do you take and are they the same everywhere? How do you even know if your child is struggling with science before report cards go out?

Sydney Green Sydney Green 175 Points

Hi Kayleen, I am not a parent yet but there are a few things you can do. I think that first, you should be able to ask your child what they're learning everday in science just to get them to refresh their memory and see if they have been paying attention. You can also email the teacher weekly, just to check in and see where your child is at during that week. This can avoid waiting until report cards are distributed and realizing that your child is struggling in science without your knowledge. So I definetly recommend trying to stay in touch with teachers as soon as school starts and doing daily or weekly check in's with both the teacher and the student. 

Liliana Briales Liliana Briales 170 Points

Hi Kayleen, I suggest you maybe reaching out to the teacher of your child as well as maybe ask your child on their science homework and see if they are understanding and go from there. 


Kattya Trevino Kattya Trevino 290 Points

Hello Kayleen, you should consider consulting with the teacher. Make sure you know what your child is learning and feed his curiosity, find a way to make science interesting.

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