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Gabrielle DuVall Gabrielle DuVall 700 Points

Hi I just wanted to hop on here and give some motivation to those teachers and educators who are using remote learning as their way of teaching this year! I know it is scary and not as fun as face to face teaching, but I challenge you to be hopeful and to use online programs such as this one to engage your students and keep them excited to learn every day. This very well could be seen a lot more and be used a lot more in the future even once the pandemic is settled with!

Paola Ocanas Paola Ocanas 250 Points

Hello Gabrielle, I agree with you a bit of motivation is necessary for this difficult time, we are in, getting the best of ourselves, we have to be positive and give the best to our students. I have been using Kahoot and it is very interesting and fun, it has helped me a lot.

Karina Moreno Karina Moreno 190 Points

HI Gabrielle, yes we may see distance learning as something unnecessary at the moment but it is something that we might need in the future, so it is beneficial to learn more on how to use all the resources available to us.

Karina Moreno Karina Moreno 190 Points

Would you mind sharing about other programs that you are aware of that we can use to help us with distance learning?

Breanne Svoboda Breanne Svoboda 30 Points

I teach at an independent school and we had several days worth of orientation just crowd sourcing all of the tools people have tried. Here are some of my favorites:

If you have access to the Google Education Suite, Google Jamboards are a really neat way for students to collaborate on a virtual whiteboard. Bonus is that it integrates well with Google Classroom.

A web-based app called Hypothesis ( is an interesting tool I'm using to have students annotate and engage with text collaboratively.

Padlet is a neat tool where students can post responses and then they can be sorted, color coded, etc. When in-person I do a lot of activities with sticky notes where students put down their questions and ideas and then we sort them, create timelines, models, etc. Padlet seems to be a good virtual tool for that.

Quizizz is one I haven't tried myself yet, but it was demonstrated for us by a colleague and it seems like it could be a really useful tool especially for formative assessments on content.

EdPuzzle is a tool that allows you to embed questions into videos at strategic points. So if you assign a YouTube video for example, you could put questions that check for understanding at certain key points.

Finally, something I am really liking so far is digital interactive notebooks using Google Slides. There are lots of videos available with examples, you can find free templates and paid templates on Teachers Pay Teachers. So far I'm finding that they take a long time to create, but once you've created them, they make life a lot easier!

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