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Ann Campbell Ann Campbell 755 Points

Hello everyone!

My PLC is trying to make use of CER in our 7th grade life science classrooms. We need some common language as a group of newer teachers, and we also are having a hard time making it engaging for our students. Who is using it successfully in a life science classroom, and what are some resources or suggestions you might have for us? Thanks. 

Sophia Hebert Sophia Hebert 450 Points

We have found that we have to introduce and teach CER explicity using a non-science example before attempting to utilize it in the classroom for academic purposes.  We have used commercials (like AS SEEN ON TV or the My Dad is an Alien Car Commercial), opinion statements (such as 'Elvis Presley is the greatest singer to have ever lived'), or a non-science reading about an interesting topic (example: article on The Titanic, or a video on a popular topic).  We use these as a way to teach how to make a claim, what is acceptable and sufficient evidence, and the reasoning that applies.  

Only after this type of practice have we seen teachers be able to successfully get solid CERs in the classroom with science concepts at the 7th and 8th grade levels.  

Hope it helps!  



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