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Incorporating Science in a Language Arts Classroom

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Brenda Rivera Brenda Rivera 605 Points

Hi all! I am a student teacher in a Kindergarten one way dual language language arts classroom. Since we are dual language, my mentor teacher and I only teach in Spanish. I have noticed that my mentor teacher and partner teacher do not teach much science because of time constraints. What are some great ways to incorporate science in language arts (besides the non-fiction unit)? As well as resources in Spanish? Thank you so much!

James Johnson James Johnson 95308 Points

Hi Brenda! One of my favorite science resources is the 'COSMOS - A Space Odyssey.' Most of my kids were really turned on by NASA and space exploration and the series not only explains some of the major movements in science but contains a lot of biographical and place based information. The series is very entertaining and attention-getting. I did a quick check and Amazon has a set of Blue Ray disks with all the episodes on it in English with Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. As your class is bilingual with the classes taught in Spanish, it might be a good experience to introduce some of the science concepts in spoken English with the Spanish or Portuguese subtitles. Just a thought. Here's what I found

It looks like you can also link to NASA sites in Spanish, as well:

Best of luck!


Carrie Akins Carrie Akins 3530 Points

I highly recommend picture perfect science, but I'm not sure about Spanish.

Yessica Castillo Yessica Castillo 690 Points

Hi Brenda R., I can definitely recommend you to do some science during your reading or writing block. I like to do science read alouds with my students, a great place to find books, both fiction and non-fiction is on You can find books in both English and Spanish and they range from many different reading levels so they are appropriate for all grade levels. Another way is to do graphic organizers with your students, this can be science, reading and writing as well because they can work with summarizing a passage and identifying key points. I hope this helps and this resource will benefit your classroom. Yessica

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