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Alex Kinder Alex Kinder 1195 Points

Hey Everyone, Has anyone used Kahoot as an actual assessment? I've used it in class for formative feedback, but I'm wondering if there are ways to use this as an actual assessment, while still maintaining academic integrity. Thanks, Alex K.

Alec Richardson Alec Richardson 625 Points

Alex, we have used Kahoot the same way. I would be interested in the feedback on this idea as well. The students love Kahoot and it might be a little difficult to accurately assess them because of the excitement it creates and the natural collaboration (or calling out of the answers.)

Ashley Gil Ashley Gil 3415 Points

Hello, My name is Ashley and I am a current freshman at Saint Peter's University. As a student I absolutely loved Kahoot! The one problem is that it does rile the classroom up, but I believe if a teacher can control the class it is an effective way of assessment! Personally I prefer using Kahoot before the test as a review, students can write the questions out and the answers! It is a really neat tool and great for classrooms!

Alec Richardson Alec Richardson 625 Points

That is a great idea. I've always used it as competitive with the kids. This would be a great way to keep from printing a test and the time consumed grading it! Of course I couldn't use it all the time, but it is a great way to do pre and post assessments.

Marsha Fischer Marsha Fischer 395 Points

I use Kahoot for formatives and as a review because of the problems you cited. I find the students tend to rush to build up their score instead of taking time to think

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