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Science activities in a Kindergarten classroom...

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Lindsay Ham Lindsay Ham 1815 Points

I am in student teaching, I will be graduating Dec 2015! I am in a Kindergarten classroom right now and hope to be placed in one when I graduate. I am always thinking about how I want to run my classroom, what things I want to implement in my classroom, and of course how I am going to teach all of these things. So science is my absolute favorite subject and I want to make sure I integrate it into my future classroom. I know sometimes social studies and science gets put on the back burner. If someone could give me some fun science activities/experiments, resources, or links that I could use in a Kindergarten classroom to have science in the classroom. Thanks so much! Lindsay

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

In the NSTA journal Science & Children, there are monthly columns "The Early Years" and "Teaching with Trade Books." Both of these have excellent suggestions for engaging our youngest scientists. If you're an NSTA member you can download any of the articles.

Lindsay Ham Lindsay Ham 1815 Points

Thank you so much for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it!

Erika Jackson Erika Jackson 1690 Points

Thank you for sharing. These are wonderful resources. I am currently student teaching in Pre-K classroom. Integrating science that grade level is such a challenging thing because of time, classroom management and available tools. These are excellent resources.

Caitlyn Deenik Caitlyn Deenik 380 Points

Thank you for sharing these resources and ideas! I am going to be teaching kindergarten next year and I am super excited to bring in some of these things to my own classroom. I think science is so crucial to learn beginning at a young age, as it makes meaning of the world around us!

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