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Teaching Energy using STEM

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Lauren Hammersley Lauren Hammersley 200 Points

I loved this post about energy for kids and I find it extrememly important to focus on the topic of energy while teaching children too. I am still in school getting my masters in childhood education and in one of my classes in our very first class, we began with a hands on activity to introduce energy. There are so many forms of energy and so many different activities and ways of teaching it but I think the beauty of science is everything can be hands on and it is like the students are the teachers in a way, because they are discovering so much when completing stem activities, and the teacher becomes he facilitator. Science can be really tricky for kids, but especially with the topic of energy, having the children do activities to learn how energy transfers and thenmove into the different forms of energy can keep them enagegd and wanting to learn more. We did an activity with energy balls and paper clips and we had to light up the ball or have it make a sound, and even being masters students, we were all so engaged and interested in learning what other ways besides a paper clip can we trasnfer energy into the ball. This taught complete circuits, it taught energy transfer, it taught conduction and more and was a great way to introduce energy to students. I recall back on my learning of energy and we created rollercoasters to learn potential and kinetic energy. Energy is something that is in everyday life and we don't even realize so teachign the youth about enrgy the right way is beyond important, and I think the best way to do so is by finding and using STEM activities! 

Marsh Ray Marsh 30 Points

Agree on that. Theory is good but the real role is played by teh example and is responsible for delivering the true purpose of the lesson of kuwait civil id fine check, and it become more fun to learn when the whole class is engaged and even teh complex concept feels like a piece of cake. That's one of the best was to increase students attention and tracking, their progress. Nothings beats it.

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