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Should we require creativity?

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Nicholas Battelini Nicholas Battelini 3810 Points

I'm student teaching and my coaching teacher is basing a fifth of students' grades for an upcoming project on incorporating creativity. This seems odd to me, because not every student can think creatively. Should creativity be required?

I think that creativity is something that is very important and should be emphasized more in the classroom. I do not believe students should be graded on how creative they are but on the effort they put forth in making their work unique to them. I think that students generally thrive when they are asked to be creative because it gives students an opportunity to think outside the box and show a different aspect of themselves in their work. I do not believe it should be required in terms of a grade but perhaps emphasized as an aspect of quality in their work. Jessica :)

Lauren Gray Lauren Gray 590 Points

I definitely think creativity should be a requirement. Something we want to instill in our students is the ability to have original thoughts and think independently. Even if a student is not "creative" it does not mean they do not have original thoughts or can't come up with something. It does not necessarily mean artistic, just something different. I think fostering creativity in a classroom is key for students to explore and engage with the content as well as have FUN!

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

I think all students can think creatively, in different ways, given the opportunity and latitude (and permission) to do so. "Creating" is part of the revised Bloom's Taxonomy, but I'd be interested in how your coaching teacher is defining "creativity?" Fancy art work? Different ways of thinking? Do the students know what the teacher means by the term?

Elizabeth Emery Elizabeth Emery 1180 Points


Karolina Baltierrez Karolina Baltierrez 1700 Points

I don't think creativity should be something to be graded on. Everyone is different in their own ways. Some students may not even have the necessary resources/materials to have a creative project. The main objective of having students do projects is to assess whether they understood the content and their project reflects their application of that content - not how creative they can be. 

Ashlee Jones Ashlee Jones 445 Points

Perhaps it should not be graded on, because creativity can become really subjective, but it should always be encouraged. I have a background in the arts, performance and fine, and I can tell you for some students (if not most) this can create and maintain engagement. The universe is big and beautiful, thus, so should our science.

Lauren Price Lauren Price 470 Points

I think students should be encouraged to be creative. The grade should not be on how creative a person is able to be, but how much effort they put into creating something that is creative in terms of their ability. A teacher would have to really know their students abilities to grade on this effort. Maybe there is a way your teacher could drive students to be creative without having their grade depend on it.

Tori Pinkston Tori Pinkston 995 Points

Yes, I agree! Creativity is hard to grade, but I think it can be very beneficial throughout a students education throughout all subject matters!

Taylor Hurd Taylor Hurd 480 Points

I believe that creativity is very important. I'm not so sure if he should grade that much of the project based on creativity, but it is important for students. Students need to be able to express ideas and understanding and many students benefit from doing it through creativity.  I am in a second grade classroom and my students are creative all day long and I can just see their personalities shine when they do this.

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