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Point of Use Gas Canisters for Science Teaching

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Stephen Messinger Stephen Messinger 40 Points

Hi everyone,

I am an Architect and my team is designing a zero net energy low carbon footprint high school.  We have designed NO GAS to the entire building and it will therefore be FOSSIL FUEL FREE.  We are hitting one small road block: the teachers (chemistry, biology, physics) are not yet comfortable with the idea of point of use canister style Bunsen burners.  We see the industry is going in this direction (either small individual point of use canisters or some variation), but these teachers are skeptical about everything from use to storage to first costs to achieving and maintaning temperatures.  Obviously these are all valid concerns that we think/ hope have valid answers, but we need help from folks who are actually doing this.  Is anyone able to speak to successful teaching experiences with non hard piped gas?  


We are hoping to quickly collect:

  • Design Examples.  Find examples of successful design and use of point of use gas/ LPG/ butane canisters (or sim).  Photos etc.
  • Endorsements.  Get first hand anecdotes and validation from high school science teachers who are using non hard piped gas.
  • Lessons Learned.  Any advice, information, or experiences that will help us provide the best possible solutions for the teachers.

Examples of products we think would be used (or similar): Global Industrial Flammable Cabinets, Self-Contained LPG Burners, Meker Adapters, United Scientific Supplies Gas Lighters, etc


Thank you!



portable burner (0.02 Mb)

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