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Getting warmed up to 5E’s

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The Early Years: Using the 5Es to Teach Seasonal Changes
The Early Years: Using the 5Es to Teach Seasonal Changes

Learn how to use a thermometer to investigate and document seasonal changes in the local environment.

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Chandler Patrick Chandler Patrick 1565 Points

In this article it mentioned that doing 5E's can feel awkward at first but later it will feel more comfortable. I know this was not the main point of the article, however, it really stuck out to me. I am learning to become a new teacher and I do feel a little bit nervous about the 5E's. I know that once I break through the awkward stage I will feel more comfortable with them.

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 640 Points

As someone who is still in college studying elementary education, I found this article very helpful. I can see that even teachers who are already in the profession can feel awkward with the 5 E's and it isn't just me. I am still learning how to do lesson plans and we are obviously incorporating the 5 E's. I will use this article as reference. I really liked the examples it provided on the second page as well. 

Wei Jia Wei Jia 620 Points

This is a useful article for college students. This teacher provides an Instructional model to help students to understand the change of season. This is a good teaching activity in someplace where have obviously seasonal change. I think a report form can be helpful in this activity which can help students to organize the information. 


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