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Uma Mahajan Uma Mahajan 1180 Points

Hi, we are in the process of buying essential equipment for the science lab. I am a new teacher and I do not have any experience with these kind of purchases. What are some of the must haves for a high school science lab and what recommendations do you have for brands? So far, I came up with: 1) Microscopes with oil immersion lens 2) Autoclave (is this absolutely necessary?) 3) Incubator 4) Acid cabinet 5) Sensors and probess (any recommendations) 6) pH meter 7) animal habitat units 8)hot plates 9)Micropscopy stains 10) Chromatography paper 11) Chemistry models (Orbitals etc) Anything else? I would truly appreciate the brand names for the above items so I can look up the prices. (We cannot do high end equipment). Thanks,

Scott Albright Scott Albright 25 Points

When starting this process, it will be beneficial to think of categories of supplies/equipment/materials by course first I would suggest using these 4 general categories Lab equipment Lab supplies Teaching materials (models, Periodic Table, demos, etc) Safety equipment I have ordered for a new construction lab and a renovated lab before. The list could be endless depending upon budget, course, grade level,AP/IB/Dual Credit courses or not, space, how many rooms, how many rooms will teach multiple disciplines.... Using these categories should help frame your thinking. Also, when can sometimes save money dependent on the size of the order. It pays to price things by lowest bidder and by bundling to make large orders with a big vendor for comparison. I would also look at general suppliers not just science so places like grainger for deals. -- *Regards,* *

Clay Waterbury Clay Waterbury 20 Points

Hi, There are two categories to sort your supplies into that will help you set priorities for spending within your budget. The first category is equipment. You can use equipment for years to come and will not have to purchase as frequently. I would say depending on what you're teaching that microscopes, hot plates, and scales may be the only equipment you need to buy from your list at this point in time. Autoclaves and incubators may be costly and will only be used for specific labs. The other category to sort supplies into is the consumable category. Consumables must be bought again after each lab. This would include things like chemicals, glue, and paper products. Try sharing equipment with others and be sure to plan ahead so you can spend wisely! Lastly, know what your budget is and if it carries over to the next year. Hope this helps!

Rob Rottler Rob Rottler 20 Points

Mr. Mahajan, You seem to be well on your way to having a great lab! You mentioned that you were interested in some brand names. I have found that has a wide variety of lab materials that could fit your needs. As Mr. Waterbury mentioned, microscopes, hot plates, and scales will be important and they can all be found for sale online at Consumable products such as chemistry chemicals can also be purchased. Ohaus scales and pyrex glassware are also great for science labs. You will find a wide range of prices for most equipment. If you are struggling to fill all your needs due to a small budget, then you could try to incorporate free virtual labs online at Good Luck!

Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez 1230 Points

Thank you for the great resources.

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