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Julia Osuna Julia Osuna 420 Points

I would like to do a lesson about pumpkins life cycle with my kindergarteners. Something that can involve multiple lessons that incorporate the NGSS. Any ideas or activities you have done with your students?

Jennifer Clark Jennifer Clark 425 Points

I am also a kindergarten teacher and am going to be teaching about life cycles for the Science Standards. Teaching about the pumpkin lifecycle is a great idea, especially because this standard is usually taught around Halloween and Thanksgiving. I found a cute art project on Pinterest that shows the student all of the different stages of the pumpkin. Maybe this could be one of your lessons.

Carly Deeter Carly Deeter 1620 Points

A lesson on the pumpkin life cycle is such a great idea! This is festive too. The children will enjoy this project and it can continue all throughout the fall.  Start the unit off with a lesson on seeds and plants. They students can plant their seed and draw a picture of it the first day.  Throughout the pumpkin's life cycle, the students can document the changes by drawing pictures of the plant, sprouts and buds. Depending on the grade, they can also collect other data such as the temperature, weather conditions, and the height of the plant as well as size of the leaves.  i hope this helps!

Daniela Rosselli Daniela Rosselli 575 Points

This is a great idea to do with your kindergartners! I did something very similar with my kindergartners on plant growth. It was at the beginning of November. For one of my lessons, I actually had a pumpkin and had the students describe different characteristics of the pumpkin, inside and out. They got to then plant the pumpkin seeds. 

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