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Angeles Rivero Loyola Angeles Rivero Loyola 1450 Points

Hi so I am a student teacher and I already taught a class on heat but I was not that happy with my content or my activities. The kids were extremely confused on what heat was. I was hoping maybe you can tell me how you teach it and/or activities you all use to teach heat energy. Thank you!

Kathleen Castellon Kathleen Castellon 1085 Points

Hola Angie! I also did changes in heat with my students. My explore stage I showed them how heat melts materials with a hairdryer and a fan. I compare the two forms of air and they seemed to really enjoy my experiment. Plus they were using vocab words like melting and cooling without even knowing it. I attached my lesson plan if you want to use any of it!


CASTELLON_L3.docx (0.39 Mb)

Edgar Mondragon Edgar MONDRAGON 865 Points

That is a great hands on activities that gets the students talking.

Edgar Mondragon Edgar MONDRAGON 865 Points

I know that others used crayons with the blow dryer as a way of explaining heat. The only thing is that it works better and faster when you use two blow dryers.

Diana Hernandez Diana Hernandez 900 Points

I would love to use this type of activity when teaching heat. :)

Laura Evans Laura Evans 340 Points

These are some great ideas.I think the best way to explain something is to have the students explore it themselves. Demonstrating the melting of objects is one great way to do it safely. Videos and supplemental investigations are also great. 

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