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How to keep a small child engaged?

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Evelin Quiroz Evelin Quiroz 290 Points

As I learn more about the field and science I continue to question my capability to do this. What are some suggestions you all have on how to keep younger children engaged?

Elizabeth Inselmann Elizabeth Inselmann 1160 Points

Hi Evelin, 

   I think the easiest way to keep young children engaged is shorter activities and make them exciting. So, when students think something is really cool, it relates to them or makes them feel special makes them want to engage in the activity. I hope this helps. 

All the best, 

   Lizzy Inselmann 

Juliana Texley Juliana Texley 1440 Points

I'm an advocate for linked, progressive activities rather than isolated experiences. You can provide context with great literature. Placing the activities in context, and even repeating them with slight differences, helps children who don't have a ton of support outside of school.

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