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New teachers staying motivated during Covid-19

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Danyelle Myers Danyelle Myers 270 Points

Hi! I am an elementary education major and I was wondering if teachers should work from school buildings if all of their students are at home? Do you think an empty classroom will be a struggle for a teacher and staying motivated to teach everyday or will it give teachers more creativity to spread out and use more resources? Also, what are some good ways to keep students engaged and interested in class via zoom when students cannot be hands on? 

Adriana Sanchez Adriana Sanchez 55 Points


I am not an elementary teacher yet but I strongly believe that as long as you keep that enthusiasm going for the students and go with the right attitude about teaching them everyday they will give you the same back. What I mean by this is, if you show them that you are frustrated and not putting effort into your lesson plans they will not be eager to putting any effort back. Some good ways I'd have in mind to keep the class engages via zoom is by having parents/guardians be part of the hands on activities and giving them easy to follow steps. 

Aida Nichols Aida Nichols 1250 Points

I am a preschool three teacher and I had to teach virtually beginning 3/16/20. At first it was difficult but I had to adapt quickly. I agree with Adriana, it is all about how you approach the lessons, whether in the dlassroom or virtual, you have to maintain your enthusiasm and passion. It can be done!



Izabela Ziarko Izabela Ziarko 490 Points

I am a 4th/5th grade teacher. Remember that students might be feeling the same way as you! Approach to lessons is important as mentioned above. Move around and have small breaks with your kids; assign them jobs so it's not all on your plate as well. 



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