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Jasper Green Jasper Green 40 Points

Dear All I am currently building a website for science teachers who are passionate about getting their students thinking about science. There are lots of free teaching resources to use in your classrooms as well as ideas specific to science pedagogy. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Go forth and challenge!

Lindsay Ham Lindsay Ham 1815 Points

Hello Jasper, I am a student teacher and I am always looking for resources to help me in my future classroom. I visited the website and from what I can tell, this would be an awesome pool of resources for any science teacher! There are websites, templates, videos, and content for many different subjects in science. I like that it's an easy to navigate website and caters to all science teachers around. I will definitely bookmark this page for future use! Thanks for sharing, Lindsay

Linda Ngo Linda Ngo 2775 Points

The information is very useful and would definitely use it for my future teaching

Jasper Green Jasper Green 40 Points

Thanks Lindsay - that's very kind of you and I'm glad that the science resources are of use. Please feel free to spread the news of the site ( ) among any of your fellow student science teachers. Fantastic to have you join the profession! If you have any resources you would like to share please send them to me: Jasper

Lucerito Gutierrez Lucerito Gutierrez 2445 Points

I visited this website and found that it has lots of useful resources. I really liked all the videos and templates. Thank you for sharing, as I will definitely use this website as a tool in my future teaching.

Amy Jorgensen Amy Jorgensen 425 Points

I visited your website and it was wonderful! They layout of your website is detailed and easy to navigate. I am a student teacher eager to find websites such as yours because of the wide variety of topics, text, videos, ect. I watched the video on "examples of misconceptions held by students (and adults)" based on trees mass. It was informational, funny, and informative. Thanks for sharing!

James Pack James Pacck 1210 Points

Your website is wonderful. I made sure to bookmark it. I enjoy the layout and its ease of navigation.

Erin Smith ERIN SMITH 265 Points

What a great resource, it has been bookmarked! I am a student teacher and it is overwhelming searching for resources because there are too many and I don't know which ones are the good ones. This looks great, love the site. Thank you!

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