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Evaporation vs. boiling

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Kenadee Gallagher Kenadee Gallagher 290 Points

I found this lesson idea to be very informative. This last week in class we have been discussing the water cycle and all its ins and outs! Reading this resource really better helped me understand evaporation, which is a part of the water cycle. I appreciated the teacher outlook on this lesson while also throwing in a few questions your students may have. After reviewing this resource I would feel comfortable completing this activity in my classroom. 

Rachel Schermerhorn Rachel Schermerhorn 275 Points

There is a really cute book about the rain cycle from the view of a raindrop, called 'A home for a raindrop' it also talks about water collection and preservation. Great book!

Md. Hossian Md. Hossian 352 Points

Hi Kenadee Gallagher, Thanks for you attachment. which is the good resource to understands defferent between evaporation and boiling water.

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