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TED ED lessons about cool and creepy bugs

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I just love TED ED ! Here are nine TED ED lesson about cool and creepy bugs http://blog.ed.ted.com/2014/07/03/9-ted-ed-lessons-about-cool-and-creepy-bugs/

Chris Taylor Chris Taylor 4475 Points

This is amazing info on the honeybees, thanks

Janice Novello Janice Novello 6985 Points

Thank you. I like bugs and love TED!

Panzy Osborne Panzy Osborne 1980 Points

Thanks for the Ted ed articles, I love Ted Talks and think they are a great way to get my students engaged on the subject matter.

Carly Segovia Carly Segovia 1215 Points

Thank you for sharing!

Marelis Rivera Marelis Rivera 2365 Points

Those are great!

Onedy Saavedra Onedy Saavedra 1490 Points

I loved this blog and was so excited to be able to share it with my five year old daughter which was talking about Bee's with me just the other day. Some kids find bugs creeyy and gross and some find them fascinating. This TED ED blog is a great resource to be able to show students the importance of bugs and some fun facts that may be gross but good to know. I cannot believe that over 2 BILLION people per day eat bugs!! that is CRAZY!! and to think one of my students had a panic attack because she swallowed one of those crazy ants!! This information would have been very useful at that very moment when I was trying to calm her down ;0)

Kendall Enneking Kendall Enneking 160 Points

These lessons would be so fun for elementary kids! The interesting topic of unusual bugs would be a great way to hook them, and the activities would keep them engaged in learning.

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