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In a world: Science Classroom w/o Science Tables

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Diana Potts Diana Potts 505 Points

Hi All,

 For the 21-22 School year I am scheduled to be back in my PreK-5 science classroom (yay!). We will continue to practice social distancing, which means I will not have my science tables and will have rows of desks 3feet apart. I had some experience with this at the end of the year and the distribution of lab materials. I have a 12 foot counter for supplies prep and distribution. Calls for collaboration:

1. Has anyone found some helpful tips/tricks to pass on with same or similar science room set up? Any furniture you added to help? Students' desks will basicall be wall to wall. I'm using a small table as my personal workspace so I can give every inch possible to teaching & learning.


2. How have you conquered student collaboration during labs with social distancing?


Thanks for the collaboration,


Judy Xiong Judy Xiong 20 Points

Hi Diana,

I have found 3-tiered carts very useful for class. You can find them at IKEA, Michael's, Joann's, and many other places. 

You can have 1 cart per table and put materials in it or supplies. This will limit students from moving all over the classroom to get stuff. It will also prevent traffic/logjam if you have all supplies at 1 table that everyone goes to. The wheeled carts are easy to roll anywhere. They also have locks on the wheels to keep them in place. 

Good luck!


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