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Claudia Bejarano Claudia Bejarano 270 Points

Children learn more through hands-on activities. Are there any hands-on activities that you would like to share? If so, can you please comment below to share?

Sandra Roberts Sandy Roberts 983 Points

Science Friday Educate has a wide variety of hands-on science experiments, investigations, and activities for K-12 classrooma nd informal settings that are compeltely free to everyone. Some of my recent favorites are:

And we're always looking for new ideas, so reach out!


Landra Jeffries Landra Jeffries 1410 Points

I would also be interested if you find science activities that incorporate math (ratios/rates).

Sandra Roberts Sandy Roberts 983 Points

Science Friday just published this hands-on activity about soil that uses ratios. It could probably be adapted for distance learning if you give the students sample data.

Lennart Winter Lennart Winter 240 Points

Hi all,

I´d like to share one of my favourite lists of methodes and activities. When I have student teaching, I try to use one of these, because not only are they fun to preparate them, but I have also had good experiences with the students in class. The website is from an university from germany, but I think it is easy to translate and bring it in your own lessons. Best regards, Lennart

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