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Josie Miller Josie Miller 10 Points

Hope this will be useful for some rural teachers!  I wanted to let you all know about a website, , that gives students the opportunity to talk with real-life scientists in text-based Chats. They already ran an activity in January and February 2022 with students and scientists across the country, and they're running another activity in March and April 2022. The theme of the upcoming Zone is the 'Healthy World Zone' so it's all about how science keeps our minds and bodies and communities well. You create a username and password, then you can log right in and book your live Chat at the time that suits your class timetable. The actual Chats are really easy to set up and fun, and the team are very friendly if you have to email them for some help. Also it's free to US schools which is a big bonus! The website is ??

Ashley Easterling Ashley 280 Points

Thank you for the website!  I am going to try this!  I teach in an area where we are below poverty and several of my students are listed as homeless!  I want them to see although we may not have much now that circumstances can always change!  To be able to talk with real scienctist I believe would help open a door and show them there is more out there in life than what we have in a small low income communtity

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