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Hannah Yusuf Hannah Yusuf 10 Points

Hi guys. Over the summer, I'm going to be working on a YouTube channel. This channel is under construction, although you should subscribe so you can be notified of my first post.  (: Also, I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers, because that's the only way you qualify for an original url. All those letters and numbers will be difficult for both students and teachers to type in. Also, I was wondering if I could get any topic requests so I know what to target in my videos, and any additional tips.  If this channel goes well, I may make a website in which I include my PowerPoints and quizzes on it, but for now in my video description box I will provide a link to download the PowerPoint relating to the topic. Please subscribe if you can. Thanks so much, Hannah. 

Cheryl Ralph Cheryl Ralph 1570 Points

I think its wonderful you're going to do a biology you tube channel. Biology has so much information but I think the topics which need to be covered should include cell transport (diffusion, pumps, osmosis, etc); punnet squares- showing how to work the problems step by step and biogeochemical cycles to start. You may consider using concept maps or a graphic organizer to tie the information in the video together. Good luck and I can't wait to see your videos.

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