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Dalia Hassan Dalia Hassan 995 Points

I just need your help because I have a confusion about energy transform and energy transfer. Here are two questions that I need your help with. The first question: Are these definitions for energy transfer and transform correct? *Energy transformation"conversion*" is the change of energy from one form to another form. For example: When a rock rolls downhill, the potential energy of the rock is transformed or changed into kinetic energy. When a horse runs, the chemical energy stored in its body is transformed or changed into kinetic energy. *Energy transferring* is the transfer of energy from place to place by sound, light, heat or electric current. For example: Heat energy is transferred by conduction when a warmer object is in contact with a cooler one. Energy can be transferred also when billiard balls hit each other. My second question: Can we use the expression "energy transfer" instead of "energy transform" when we are talking about energy change"conversion" from one form into another form?

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