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Dimensional Analysis

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Bradley Clark Bradley Clark 190 Points

I found that teaching demensional analysis was exteremely hard last year. Does anyone have any tips for next year?

Michael Roche Michael Roche 135 Points

I have had success using dominos 


Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5245 Points

This domino game is a great hands-on activity to practice dimensional analysis. It is such an important concept in chemistry because stoichiometry is just fancy dimensional analysis ?? 

Amalia Villagomez Amalia Villagomez 10 Points

Great idea, thanks

Tim Schwickerath Tim Schwickerath 280 Points

Another suggestion could be to see how the teachers in your math department teach dimensional analysis or unit conversions.  In math, they may approach it as multiplying fractions together instead of showing a grid.  Even though they are conceptually identical processes, students may not see them as such and not be able to transfer what they may know between the two courses.  The dominos are a good visual of showing how the fractions are being reduced between the numerator and denominator.  I like to teach it as fractions (I'm a math teacher) and sometimes students just don't understand.  However, when I show the grided approach like how my science department teaches the conversion side by side with the fraction, students respond with, "Oh that's all I had to do?"    

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