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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

Feb 21-27 is National Engineering Week and there are lots of resources available. We belong to a collaborative of STEM teachers who share ideas and lessons. Our group has a blog, newsletter, Pinterest page, Instagram and Facebook page that we share. Every day this week we will have a new blog written by one of us filled with ideas and freebies!  Visit "STEM Activities for Kids" every day this week for some great resources! Wendy and Cheryl

Colin Hanson Colin Hanson 65 Points

Thanks for your post!  I am very interested in learning more ways to bring STEM into all my units!  I think it would be interesting for the students to study about a topic (like body systems) and then take time to extend the unit to talk about engineering something that would help or make an improvement.  I think this idea could be used for any topic we study and it would give the students multiple chances to use their creativity, ingenuity, some technology, etc.  What do you think?!  Is this too much to do with each unit?!  Would it be over kill and students would lose interest?!  I want to do more than one unit with engineering and the process of it! Thanks.  Colin.  

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