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Ryan Dalton Ryan Dalton 310 Points

Hello, fellow scientists! My name is Ryan Dalton. I am a preservice Biology teacher at Wartburg College. With student teaching, graduation, and hopefully a new adventure in the realm of teaching immanent I was wondering for some advice on surefire do's and don'ts or even some buzzwords when in an interview.

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

Hi Ryan!  This is from a Mentor blog I wrote for NSTA. -- Mary B.
Do some exploring before the interview in case you're asked what you know about the school or community. Look for nearby science-related resources (parks, museums, nature centers, etc.). Learn a little about the history of the community and what it's famous for. Visit the school's website to learn about the school culture, facilities, extracurricular activities. Look over the student and faculty handbooks if they are available online.
In your workshops, I'm sure it was suggested that you answer the questions completely and succinctly. Don't fake a response or answer with unrelated information. Write the question down on a notepad and add it to your list of things to learn about.
Even though you know to dress professionally for the interview, you could accessorize subtly with the school colors. 
Shake hands firmly and repeat names as you are introduced. 'It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Jones.' Turn off your cell phone.
Purge your personal social media sites of inappropriate information or photos. Don't continue to share things that you would not want your future students and their parents (and school administrators) to see.
The committee may ask if you have any questions. Show your interest by asking
·      What is the school's philosophy toward science instruction?
·      What mentoring and professional development activities are available?
·      What kind of lab resources and technology are available?
·      What is the role of extracurricular activities in the school?
·      How do teachers use community resources such as... (that you identified before the interview)?

Ryan Dalton Ryan Dalton 310 Points

Thank you, Mary!

The information you provided has given me ease of mind as I do prepare for an interview in the near future. I loved your recommendation to observe the surrounding science-related resources. I can definitely see myself bringing that up in the interview. I also liked the idea of wearing a little bit of the school colors. You can never go wrong with a little bit of brownie points. I really appreciate your advice.


Justen Hug Justen Hug 505 Points

I thought Mary gave some astute advice. She mentioned Social Media, and that is a huge thing to be cognizant of. I am also currently in the process of receiving my Undergrad in Education and I have a personal conviction to make sure I keep my Social Media above reproach to refrain from having any questionable things on them. I am going to create a secondary account for Facebook simply for my students that I will teach so that we can stay in touch, as well as coworkers. I will post uplifting and encouraging things on that page. As well as, creative ideas for whatever I am teaching. Meanwhile, my personal account will be set strictly to private so that nothing questionable that could be on it would not be available for everyone to see. I am not sure how administration would view that. They may want to have access to your personal account, I am not sure. But even then, don't post dumb stuff or questionable stuff on your personal account either.

Brandon Kunk Brandon Kunk 165 Points

This is some great content here. I read so many post on this discussion forum. One thing I really learned about was showing interest in the school that you are interviewing for. This is something that I will add to my library to keep up with new posts here. I really liked what I learned and just being yourself is your best bet. There are certain levels of wanting to be liked by everyone. IF you just be yourself I think that goes farther than anything else. 



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