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How can I make science experiments more stimulating

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Cesareo Garcia Cesareo Garcia 670 Points

Hello everyone I was wondering how I can make experiments a bit more stimulating for the student's. I don't want the science experiment to be too bland and boring. 

Raegan Barrett Raegan Barrett 640 Points

Hello Cesareo. I have done a lot of hands on activitys with my students to make it more stimulating. I fell that when students use there hands that they can understand the activite a lot better. 

Raegan Barrett

Ailani Cantu Ailani Cantu 1100 Points

Hello Cesareo, I believe it is a great idea to make experiments more stimulating and fun. A good way to achieve that is to integrate hands-on activities using different types of materials and textures that you believe they are already familiar with but can learn more of. 

Jennifer Guerra Jennifer Guerra 260 Points

Making the experiment something where you can involve a real world scenerio that they can relate to and have background knowledge will interest them. Children are always going to be curious so making the science experiments about something they can question and explore.

Sadie Callow Sadie Callow 1485 Points

Hello Cesareo, hands on activitys are alwasy a stimulating option for students. It lets them take ownership over their own learning and discover new knowledge. This can also be done in small groups to incorprate collabration in your classroom which also aids learning. 

Sadie Callow 

Wartburg College

Brianne Brown Brianne Brown 340 Points

Hi Cesareo!

A great way for stimulating students is using a minds-on approach to lab activities, it is a great way to get students thinking instead of just doing! By this, i mean require students to think about a phenomena or something that is unknown to them. By allowing students to think, they are more stimulated. If you just give them a list of porcedures to do - they will do it but not actually be stimulated by it! Let the students do the thinking and they will become so much more enagaged. 

Brianne Brown

Monmouth University 

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Brianne has the right idea.  Don't give them a procedure to follow, i.e., step-by-step instructions.  There's nothing exciting about following a recipe.

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