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Websites for Science Demonstrations/Examples

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Charla Cook Charla Cook 625 Points

I would love to show students some quick (under 2 minutes) examples of different science examples like potential energy, life cycle of a butterfly, a beating heart, etc. Does anyone know of a website that might offer things like this? That is appropriate for elementary aged kids? Thanks for any help!!!

Amy Haaland Amy Haaland 3815 Points

I have found most of what I need as far as demonstrations on youtube. It is extremely important to preview these first before showing to your kids! When I use them, I always load them and get past the commercial on the front. There are a lot of great videos out there!

Maranda Mangual Maranda Mangual 1040 Points

Some great resoucres are and they both have a wide range of great videos

Debbie Pentecost Deborah Pentecost 6238 Points

discovery education has lots of full length videos, but in the past few years I've used their video clips of 2-6 minutes to focus in on specific subjects. PBS media also has some good stuff.

Megan Donnelly Megan Donnelly 170 Points

Hi! I am a preservice teacher and I would love to incorporate videos into my science lessons. Are Discovery Education and PBS media websites or are the videos on youtube? Thanks for the tips!

Paige McCullough Paige McCullough 190 Points

I have found some great videos on YouTube as well! I remember in my elementary years watching videos from the Magic School Bus over some science topics. I do not hear many students talking about these videos today and they are probably outdated. Technology allows us to have so many more resources to use in our classroom! I would love more science video ideas as well.

Lanette Phillips Lanette Phillips 40 Points

Two of my favorite websites to use are Brainpop and NASA eclips. Brainpop has a few free resources but does require a membership. There is a Jr. section for K-3 which has great clips. If you are showing any videos about space, NASA eclips covers everything from soil to stardust and incorporates language, math, etc. The K-5 section is STEM focused and has neat videos to watch.

Jasmin Hawkins Jasmin Hawkins 1995 Points

Discovery education and PBS media are definitely the most helpful sites.  Although I can find what I need on you tube as well, it seems to be a lot less filtering with the educational sites. :) Thank you for posting this question, it is hard to find good solid educational ideas out there so feedback from others is great!

Mariam Kassas Mariam Kassas 890 Points

Hello Charla, I think I can make a few good suggestions. I will share a few websites that have helped me plan and locate some excellent material to use while I planned my lessons. I'm still a student-teacher, but I have planned an delivered several lessons, and each one took a significant amount of planning. One topic that I can definitely help you with is the lesson on forces because I taught a lesson on that. I showed my students a short video about the game, Angry Birds, and we discussed the forces they saw in that video. It was such a success because students related to it and based their answers on something that they were familiar with! Here's the video. As you go ahead with your future lesson planning, these websites will give you an abundant amount of information to use, idea, resources, and the most effective teaching strategies to implement with different types of lessons. I hope they will help you as much as they have helped me! (This will give you access to watch real life classroom-based experiences to draw ideas from. Here's an excellent related video.) (This is by far one of my favorite go-to pages. Browse and enjoy!) Good luck! Mia

Anna Wilkinson Anna Wilkinson 1070 Points

I love the idea of using Angry birds to explain force! I can definitely see how the children could relate and understand the concept through using this resource. I'm going to use this!

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