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Melissa Delgado Melissa Delgado 270 Points

Hello. I am a student who will be student teaching in Fall of 2015. I am unsure if my teacher will be teaching science in his/her classroom. I am posting to get some tips on including science in math and language art lessons in order to teach science in the case that it is not being taught in the classroom in which I am assigned. Thank you

Krystal Clover Krystal Clover 455 Points

I am a student teacher and both of my teachers did not make science a priority in their classrooms. In teaching my literacy lessons, I chose topics on science subjects so that the students were still learning about literacy strategies, but via science texts. I found that was a fun way to sneak more science into my classroom :)

Diana Hallett Diana Hallett 400 Points

I agree with Krystal! I think structuring literacy lessons around science topics such as animals is a great way to incorporate science into the classroom. It is super engaging and will really get your students interested in reading to find out more. You can also bring science into literacy by selecting non-fiction texts on relevant science issues such as deforestation and pollution. This would transition nicely into argumentative writing and would also inform students about what is going on in the world.

Larosa Etienne larosa etienne 1220 Points

It's always great to incorporate books in any lesson you do. You;ll find that they are very useful when connecting subjects.

Katherine Barnhart Katherine Nenner 255 Points

One way that I found useful to include science during language arts and literacy is during small groups time. When you're differentiating your instruction, using current events articles about science, science leveled readers, or nonfiction science books from your school's library is a great way to include science (or math!) in your reading/language arts instructional time. You can teach any reading skill using these materials. Good luck!

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