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Benefits Of Hands On Learning

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Hyzmena Gonzalez Hyzmena Gonzalez 420 Points

Hi everyone I wanted to know what is your own take on having the kids complete hands on activities to stay engaged in the lesson? It is beneficial for them? or will they get distracted from the real purpose of the expirement?

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Two points:  One is that hands-on activities are exactly what you need to keep students from getting distracted.  Secondly, the best way for students to learn what science is, is by doing science, i.e., participating in an engaging investigation that allows them to explore and discover, and to learn while motivated by their own curiosity.

Tiffany White Tiffany White 1540 Points

Hey Hyzmena. My students are more engaged with hands on activities. I have found with hands on activities they learn the material better as well. I do have to make sure to set very clear expectations for my students during the hands on activity and hold them to the expectations. If a student does not meet the set expectations, I redirect them and explain there might have to be an alternate assignment if we cannot meet expectations. 

Rebecca De Leon Rebecca De Leon 330 Points

Hi Hyzmena,

I think that having our students complete hands on activities will definitely benefit them in the long run. Yes you will have the occasional distracted students, but that is part of the job and if those activities benefit our students with their learning i think its a risk to take for the benefit of our studnets. 

Mariana Gonzalez Mariana Gonzalez 370 Points

I think hands-on learning is extremely important and crucial for learning students. Students learn through play and through experience, so gradually I think having a hands-on science experiment at least once or twice a week would really help the students in understanding the lesson. I agree that students learn by doing.

Laura Flores Laura Flores 390 Points

I always think that is very important to have hands on activities and alot of visuals for your students to be engaged in the lesson being taught. When you have repetiton as well they know what to expect as well making is smoother to complete the lesson or experiment they will be working on. 

Laura Limon Laura Limon 1050 Points

I absolutely agree with you. It is very beneficial and important for the student to have an engaging learning experience. I personally learned more with hands-on activities. I feel that students learn more with hands-on activities because they encourage children to problem solve, interact with the environment around them, and grow/learn from those experiences.

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