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Hurricane Harvey

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Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

This is a great resource for lesson plans, ideas, and resources about Hurricane Harvey. An update was added with ELA resources from a Houston teacher.

Melissa Juarez Melissa Juarez 505 Points

Pamela, I live in Houston, and never did I see the number of potential lesson plans in all the Harvey news stories that were reported around the great city of Houston. I am currently student teaching in a second grade classroom, and I am set to graduate in May. This is eye-opening for me in that when I think of lesson plans, I automatically think TpT, Pinterest, or simply surfing the internet for ideas. I am always in learning mode and once again, this is another lesson for me. I must venture out of my cozy little box, and think about what's happening right under my nose to the people in my circles, and in the world around me. Thank you for making me realize that if I allow myself a break from the books and come up for air every now and then, there's an entire world around me with innovative lessons that are just waiting to be taught!

Rachael Rice Rachael Rice 3631 Points

Hi! My name is Rachael and I am currently a pre-service teacher in Iowa. I have talked a lot about how to discuss tragedies and natural disasters with students in my classes. I think it is really amazing that there are lesson plans designed to help teachers be prepared to talk about it.

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