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Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5245 Points

What ideas do you have to get students to come to office hours? (Online office hours ideas would be greatly appreciated since my office hours are all virtual, but synchronous. I am otherwise available asynchronously and generally maintain a response time of < 12 hours.)

Carmen Vanderhoof Carmen Vanderhoof 185 Points

I notice you didn't get a reply. What did you end up setting up? I'm going to schedule 15min mini conferences with each of my students as a way to check in with them since we're in a hybrid mode. If they need longer than that, then we'd set up a follow up appointment. 

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5245 Points

I tried inviting students individually to come to office hours to discuss assessments (with the carrot of earning partial credit on missed questions if they leave the session demonstrating appropriate mastery). Very few have taken me up on it. I think they prefer the slower, less personal routes of communication through email or posting in the "Online Office" discussion forum. I myself am averse to being on video so I admit that I understand if that is why they're not coming! 

Carmen Vanderhoof Carmen Vanderhoof 185 Points

That makes sense. I like the idea of the "Online Office" discussion forum. I wonder how else we can make connections with students in ways that are more approachable than Zoom. In Spring semester when I supervised a small group of student-teachers I prefered phone calls and texts rather than Zoom. But with whole classes, I'd rather not give up my cell number unless necessary. What about setting up a conference with multiple students at a time if they're working in teams for a project? It may seem less intimidating. I also like the idea of offering bonus points or earning partial credit back. We'll come up with something!

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