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The equality of field trips

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Kennedy Bowling Kennedy Bowling 230 Points

When I was in elementary school, we had a nature center and forest that existed behind the school. We took a field trip there and got to learn many things. We made observations, took specimens from the stream, collected data on the types of trees, and hiked around. As an adult, I see that this is not an experience that most schools get to experience because not all areas have the same amount of safety. This makes me wonder how valued field trips are in low-income areas and if the students are getting the same experience as someone growing up in a suburban area. I feel as if field trips are dwindling in all areas however in inner-city areas, they may not be available at all. 

Samantha Stallings Samantha Stallings 1425 Points

Hi Kennedy!

I also remember field trips when I was younger and how beneficial they were. I remember going on a field trip that included teamwork skills and how much it helped build a classroom community. It was an outdoor field trip and I remember working with all of my classmates and building trust with them. 

When COVID came, field trips stopped, and honestly haven't come back since in my opinion. In my county, there has also been a change to start times messing up busses and their availability. This year, my IDT team came up with 2 field trips, one to Forth McHenry and the other to Fords Theater. I was expecting my students to jump for joy hearing about these field trips and was shocked to find out that over half of our students had no way to pay for their spots on the field trip, making them unable to go. My school has a budget and is split between the three 8th grade teams at our school plus is split by the other 2 grade levels, so there really isn't a lot of money to go around. 

It is really disappointing that due to my students' income, they are unable to attend due to expenses. The most shocking thing in my opinion is that Ford's Theater is actually free to go due to our FARMS rate at our school but due to bus expenses, students are still responsible for paying $25 each. 

Tamika Akins Tamika Akins 1170 Points


 Field trips can be very beneficial to children. I agree that they are dwindling, because my class used to take at least two a year. In the past two years we have not experienced any. The students have an opportunity to experience surroundings outside their norm when they take field trips.

Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

Field trips came to a halt during Covid and I think we can all agree that they positively impact students immensely. I agree and most low-income schools probably do not have the funds to have their students attend the types of places I went while I was in school or where I am planning to take my students. I will say to piggy back off your topic, Covid ruined so many things, including the behavior students know to have while they are on trips. We just took students to a local university to encourage future-focused thinking and they were horrible. I was embarassed. Hopefully, we can get all of our students back on track and fill in these gaps we see each day. 

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