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Being effective after remote learning is no longer necessary.

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Sandra Delgado Sandra Delgado 520 Points

Hello!  My name is Sandy Delgado.  I am currently a senior in college, getting ready to graduate in the spring.  Before I know it, I will have a classroom full of students of my own next school year.  This pandemic has forced teachers, students, and parents alike to make unprecedented changes and lifestyle adjustments.  It has created a new way of learning; remote learning (exclusively).  I worry about the timeframe and the effects of all of these changes.  How can I make sure that I am being an effective teacher when so many adjustments have had to be made?  Although CCSS are followed, how much learning can we expect is actually taking place?  How will this affect the way that the standards, as well as the curriculum, will look like next year?  I worry that the necessary changes won't be made and that students will fall behind further if we expect them to perform as if they were learning in person. 

Melissa Portillo Melissa Portillo 590 Points

Hi Sandy, 

I too am a senior in college. I think that we all are uncertain about how we can be effective teachers with all the changes going on. I found a video to answer your question regarding being an effective online teacher. ( It is difficult to come up with a definite answer because things are not certain with the pandemic going on. Through the use of online learning many teachers are preparing a condenced version of their lessons since they do not have the full 8 hours a day with their elementary students. I hope this helps! I also found a video that talks about teacher tips for online learning. ( 

Jessica Jones Jessica Jones 460 Points

I am currently a teacher at a school that gave parents the option to send their child to school, or let them learn from home. I worry a lot about my students at home, because I cannot be sure that the students at home are actually completing assignments themselves. Teachers are required to post assignments in Google Classroom in reading and math and they are due each Sunday. I know that the students at home are falling behind because they are not getting the "teaching" that the students at school are receiving. I can only hope that one day that things will return to "normal" and all students are allowed to come back to class to learn.  

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