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Using Children's Literature for a Science Lesson on Apples

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Ashley Cerny Ashley Cerny 545 Points

Hi everyone!

I am currently a pre-service teacher and I am working on a 7E lesson plan for Kindergarten Science students. To start my lesson, I will first introduce my book, The Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship by Edward Hemingway. I will then discuss that there are many things that apples can be used for. For example, to make apple sauce. The activity I am planning to do is to make apple sauce in a crockpot and use step by step instructions to share with the students. I would like to also try an activity that is not so common and could delve deeper into a science lesson. I would appreciate any suggestions and/or advice. Also, if there is anyone that is familiar with an article that could enhance my lesson, I would greatly appreciate the reccomendation. 

Thank you so much in advance!

Cassidy Rawson Cassidy Rawson 3265 Points

Hi Ashley! 

I have made apple sauce with preschool students and it was so much fun! While doing so, I also incorporated some math curriculum through counting and simple measurement (more or less, a little or a lot). Prior to making the applesauce, have students explore the different parts of an apple. Cut some in half and let the students observe using their senses. Have them practice making and recording observations through pictures/simple sentences or words. You could also do a taste test of different types of apples. Again, have students taste the different types of apples and record observations (color, taste, texture, etc). You could also incorporate graphing/charts into the taste test by recording students favorites or another characteristic of your choice. 

Jennifer Revelle Jennifer 2065 Points

I think this is such a geat idea! I remeber in my day my teacher had each of us bring in an apple and she would then core them and cut them into swirls like streamers and then hang them from the ceiling in out classroom. We would then observe them drying and after so many days we actually got to tak ethem down and eat them. It was a very interesting and engaging. I found this website that has the same process with more details if you want to give it a try. https://www.adventure-in-a-box.com/apple-drying-experiment-for-kids/ 

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