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Using Plant and Animal Life Cycles

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Connor Neuroth Connor Neuroth 80 Points

Hi, I am Connor Neuroth and a pre-service teacher at Wartburg college. I was wondering if anyone had any effective lessons that includes plant and/or animal life cycles? It would be great if the lesson could invovle some hands-on activity or some moving around in the classroom.


Lisa Ann Nishihara Lisa Ann Nishihara 780 Points

Hi Connor,

Here is a book with activity ideas for plant and animal life cycles I found on Epic:

Explore Life Cycles    by Kathleen M. Reilly

I hope this resource is helpful!  Epic also has lots of books on different animal as well as plant life cycles.


Christy Peterman Christy Peterman 1033 Points

I would suggest looking into some plant and animal life cycle materials from the Montessori community.  There are some very beautiful materials that would go along with any number of life cycle lessons.  You can look in Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers for ideas.  

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