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Integrating science with other subjects

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Sara Ordonez Sara Ordonez 620 Points

Hello! As a preservice teacher I have learned a lot about the importance of STEM and also integrating other subjects into the science curriculum. Unfortunatly, when I have observed certain elementary classrooms that I have been assigned to, I have realized that many time teachers focus on reading and math, and leave science for the end or if there's time. Therefore, I would like to ask elementary teachers, how can you still teach science by integrating it with math and language arts. Is it possible? and how have you implemented in the classroom? As well as, what strategies help teachers give science the importance while integrating it with other subjects? 


Thank you for your responses. 

Mona Sadek Mona Sadek 244 Points

Thnak you for your advice, I am a quality education maneger, and I am intrested in STEM & NGSS really they are very difficult education system, but very important

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