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Combined Science and Math Methods?

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Lara Dick Lara Dick 40 Points

Due to our university's low numbers in secondary math and science education, I am tasked with developing a combined math and science methods course. Does anyone have experience teaching a combined course? I've taught secondary math methods, but have no experience with science. I'd appreciate a syllabus, resources, suggestions for groups to join, people to talk to, etc. Thanks!

Cecilia Hernandez Cecilia Hernandez 2060 Points

Hi Lara, I did not see your post until today. I have been teaching a combined secondary math and science methods course for five years (our numbers are also historically low) and would be happy to share information with you. If you'd like you can email me at: [email protected]

Mirtas Roes Mirtas Roes 35 Points

This should be a very interesting decision.

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