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Aziz Austin assignment #1

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Aziz Austin Aziz Austin 80 Points

When I went to read the early childhood forum, one of the first forums talked about how children can learn by playing, and I couldn't agree with it more! At that age, children very inquizitive and they always want to do things hands on. Throughout the forum, some teachers were saying that they didn't want to misconstrue the lesson to be them just "playing." One person said, "Don't look at playing as a luxury." In early childhood, children will learn by simply playing. And as they are playing, they will most likely have questions to ask. In the first forum post, the person said that you let them try to figure out whatever they are trying to do first, then when the children have questions, you can go and answer them. I think this method is very effective. Children's attention spans at the age are very short, and they always want to do something fun. So, conducting a lesson that seems like play time to the children will keep them engaged as well as help them learn more about the topic that is being taught. 

On the elementary science forum, there were a plethora of questions that asked how to teach science to younger grades. Like in the early childhood forum, a lot of hands on activities should be conducted. At that age, that is how children learn best. Along with that, you can also facilitate discussions between the students. Some people suggested that making KWL charts was a good way to help the students.

I totally agree, I just wanted to add, that I will not answer all the children's questions, instead, I will ask them back with their own questions. In this way, I will promote inquiry and increase the chances of having problem questions that eventually end in research projects that respond to their genuine interests. Best Regards, Juan Felipe Restrepo Mesa, Montessori School of Cartagena, Cartagena - Colombia

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