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Stacia Brown Stacia Brown 560 Points

Hello, I'm going to teach a lesson about alternative sources of energy. However, I wanted to teach them about turbines too. Has anyone taught this topic to elementary students? What resources did you use? Thank you!

Stacia Brown Stacia Brown 560 Points

Tina, Thank you for the link. It will be very helpful. We will definitely try it! Stacia Brown

Rosemary Montero Rosemary Montero 1680 Points

One fun activity for the students to learn about sources of energy is to have them trace the energy from the point of use back to its original source. An example would be gasoline being traced back through basic oil to ancient fossilized materials to the energy from the sun that made that stuff grow. The students can draw each step and explain it.

Antonio Chaves Antonio Chaves 150 Points

I hope its not too late to help. This video I made is a very inexpensive and easily carried out dynamo demonstration:

Ross Winberg Ross Winberg 70 Points

KidWind! It's awesome.

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